Home seekers stream to rural Seke for residential stands
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The serious shortage of housing stands in Harare, Norton, Chitungwiza and Ruwa has resulted in residential stands seekers swarming Seke communal lands searching for land to build their homes.

A visit to Seke rural by Talking Harare shows that most villagers from Chanakira, Chitsvatsva, Rusirevi, Chikambi, Chinamano, Mutsvairo, Marikopo, Gombe, Besa, Mhindurwa villages are sub-dividing their homesteads into several residential stands measuring about 1 600sq metres and selling them to home seekers at prices ranging between $1 500 to $2 500.

These relatively low prices have attracted aspiring home-owners from the capital city who are being asked to pay as much as $14 000 for small stands measuring 400sq metres. What has also further attracted people to Seke rural is that electricity is readily available meaning one can also engage in income– generating projects that require electricity such as welding, carpentry and poultry.

‘It is far much better to build a house here because the residential stands are cheaper but bigger and the place is only 27km from the city centre and this is very good for people like me who work in town,’ said Misheck Ndlovu who bought a residential stand at Chitsvatsva Village. Ndlovu also added that the payment method was flexible as he was asked to pay in monthly installments of $150 per month after paying an initial deposit of $800 for a stand that was priced at $2 000.

‘Getting a residential stand in Harare or its satellite towns was a nightmare because corn artists are duping people by selling fake residential stands and houses and so I decided to buy a stand here (Mhindurwa Village). And here I simply dealt with the owner of this homestead and the village head in doing the transactions. Also electricity is readily available and the stands are quite big here compared to how people are squeezing each other in Harare,’ added Lileossa Manjengwa who said she paid a total of $2 000 for a residential stand measuring about 1 800sq metres.

A top official from Seke Rural District Council also confirmed that most villagers in the district were sub dividing and selling land to home seekers. The official, who preferred not to be named, said council was contemplating transforming the rural area into an urban area and would like Dema Growth Point to expand to Chitungwiza.

‘Yes we are aware villagers are selling land and as council there is nothing we can do to stop them. In fact, we are happy with the new houses that are being built as these have changed the face of our district, we are just 30 km away from central Harare and we will be happy if this area is urbanized. What we are currently working on is a plan that ensure people will build standard houses and pay council rates that will enable us to construct good road networks in the area,’ said the official who added that about 2 500 residential stands have so far been registered at Seke District Office.

Harare city council has over 500 000 people on its housing list. It says it has been assisted by central government to acquire land from nearby farms and this land will be used to ease housing shortages in the city. Analysts however say it may take decades for the acquired farmland to be serviced before houses are built. {jcomments on}
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